Serving You with Integrity, Respect & Understanding

Alamo City Interpreters (ACI) agency facilitates communication between Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing individuals using qualified interpreters. Our goal is to provide equal access to communication for all individuals in a professional and confidental manner. We strive to make this a pleasant experience for the business, Deaf/hard of hearing client and sign language interpreters. We will work to provide quality services in which information can be communicated effectively and successfully.

ACI seeks to hire top certified interpreters to match your needs. By choosing ACI, be assured that we will treat you with integrity, respect and understanding. We are professionals providing a service that will benefit your needs.

We understand that there are a variety of agencies to choose from in our area, but allow us to tell you why you should choose us - you can choose your preferred interpreter(s) and we will value these requests and do all we can to provide you with the interpreter(s).

Get to Know Us

The Alamo City Interpreters (ACI) agency was founded in April 2014 by two certified sign language interpreters, Emily Arriaga and Amanda Lerma. They founded the agency with the vision that they will be the providers of the highest quality interpreters in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Our Services

We provide interpreters who are qualified to provide interpreting services in many different types of settings to deaf clients in order to ensure that the most accurate translation is transmitted. Some of the settings are hospitals, businesses and legal coutrooms.

Stay in the Know

Wondering why you need to hire an interpreter? Wondering when you need to use an interpreter? Wondering who is required to pay for an interpeter? Wondering how you will know if an interpreter is qualified? Click on the button to gain and stay in knowledge of how it all works.

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