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Alamo City Interpreters seek to hire only the best certified interpreters. In turn we strive to serve our interpreters in the best way we can. We compensate our interpreters generously and seek to honor their preferences regarding work environments.

Preferred Interpreter Requests

We seek to honor consumer's preferred interpreter requests; since the community knows the interpreters they work well with and interpreters work hard to build that trust and rapport. When ‘specific interpreter’ requests are received by ACI, we offer the assignment to the specific interpreter first.


We support the growth of ITP students and certified interpreters. We accomplish this by working as mentors with the interpreter training interns from Alamo Colleges and newly certified interpreters.

We believe a strong mentoring program will lead to the success of the next generation of interpreters. Once certified, interpreters can participate in our Test Up Incentive Program. This program encourages certified interpreters to continually sharpen their skills, and earn higher and specialized interpreter certifications.

Certified Only

ACI hires only certified interpreters. This ensures only the highest qualified interpreters are placed into assignment where they would have the highest chances for great success.

Alamo City Interpreters believes in leading by example, and serving our community with Integrity, Respect and Understanding.

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