Our Services

Alamo City Interpreters seek to hire only the best certified interpreters. In turn we strive to serve our interpreters in the best way we can. We compensate our interpreters generously and seek to honor their preferences regarding work environments.


ACI can provide a multitude of medical services such as, doctor's office appointments, labor and delivery, surgeries and proceedures, Specialies, Dental, Audiological, Mental Health, Staff Meetings, Trainings, Referral/consultations and more. ACI has interpreters who have already received the new BEI Medical Certification.

Sober Support Meetings

ACI's interpreters are experienced and prepared to provide professional and confidential interpreting services for Sober Support Meetings and Court Ordered Courses.


ACI's interpreters have experience interpreting job interviews, trainings, orientations, meetings, presentations and much more.


ACI is available to interpret for a multitude of government related settings.

Social Services

ACI's interpreters are experienced in a range of social service settings such as working with Texas Workforce Commission, Health and Human Services Commission, Social Security Administration, WIC, Immigration, etc.


ACI is the preferred interpreting agency for several national organizations. We are prepared to provide a team of professional interpreters who work hard, prepping and meeting with presenters before hand to make your event a success.


ACI can provide interpreters for many educational needs with in primary, secondary and post secondary. ACI interpreters can be utilized within the cassroom as well as in ARD meetings, Parent/Teacher conferences, job interviews, orientations, trainings, convocations and many others.


ACI has several interpreters qualified to interpret in legal settings outside the courtroom as well as Court Certified interpreters for inside the courtroom. ACI is also able to fill interpreter needs related to court ordered classes.

Special Occasions

ACI has been honored to have provided services for many special occassions such as weddings, funerals, oganization special events for example Boy Scouts Courts of Honor, etc.


ACI's interpreters can provide interpreters for many different religious occassions such as weekend/midweek services, conferences, trainings/classes, counseling (one on one, small group or large group), baptisms, dedications, and of course weddings, funerals and other special celebrations.


ACI's interpreters have experience interpreting in theatrical and music concert environments of many kinds.

Public Forums

ACI is prepared to provide interpreting services for many different public forums, including town hall meetings, community events, and much more.